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Queen of Nothing

Heyo! I am a kitty/bear. I love anime,homestuck,and various of other things >w< Enjoy my boring blog thing.

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[ v ] εγλ - 8.13.1950. happy birthday. 

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  Boys and girls of every age,
                     wouldn’t you like to see something s t r a n g e?
Come with us and you will see -
this,    our    town    of     H a l l o w e e n!

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The Adventures of George Washington (Part 2) by LadyHistory [more]

Previously: Part One

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hey guys! so here it is, my first ever giveaway! now the reason i’m doing this is because i recently moved to a big city, with that said while cleaning through my old house i found a lot of stuff that i know for a fact that i will never use/wear again, also i’ve been getting a lot of followers these past weeks and i feel they really deserve for putting up with my dumb blog this. tumblr has nothing to do with this giveaway whatsoever.

so let’s get straight to the guidelines here folks.

• yes you have to follow me, this is for my followers, it’s totally cool with me if you want to follow me just for this giveaway and then unfollow when it ends, no hard feelings it’s fine.

• also yes likes will not count, because i’m a weenie i would like this reblogged instead so more people are able to have a chance (there are no limit to reblogs BUT if i find out you’re a giveaway blog or if you’re trying to do some funny business (yes i’m looking at you inactive sideblogs) you will be disqualified and i will know  (i will check archives ya misfits)

• winner will be chosen using random.org and be sent two ask messages (i know how the inbox can sometimes eat up messages so it’s just a double check thing) so please have your asks opened!! also if the winner does not respond within 48 hours i will choose another person.

• if you are younger than 18 years please have parental consent as well as trusting me with your address.
images were edited so the items are a bit darker in person. the beanie is a “one size” and a couple of the 6 displayed pokemon cards (some of them have a card on the back too) are a shining celebi, ho-oh (ex), rayquaza (ex), as well as a darkrai (lv. x)
giveaway will end on the 8th of october at 11PM EST. i will only ship in north america and shipping will be paid by yours truly (of course). please don’t delete anything above, thank you and good luck!!

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I thought these were house slippers

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