Queen of Nothing

Queen of Nothing

Heyo! I am a kitty/bear. I love anime,homestuck,and various of other things >w< Enjoy my boring blog thing.

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I thought these were house slippers

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Anonymous asked: Are you good at playing any instruments? Which one is your favorite?




The male smiles widely at this question. “Si! I love play any interment but I love playing the Tambourine and the Flute out of all the interments! I self taught myself to play the Tambourine and mio admin was the one that introduced me to the Flute. She was able to teach me how to play it since she owns two Flutes. Mio admin is very talented on that instrument and it took her a while to master the Flute.” He crossed his arms. “If she ever learned mio Italian anthem someday I’d love it if she could teach me it! She’s a very good teacher when it comes to teaching her fellow Flutists how to play a song by ear.” 


dyed my hair deep teal

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my room in case anybody forgot that i am still 1000% HOMESTUCK TRASH

and I am 1000% JEALOUS

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I'm a Ghoul

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